Monday, 22 March 2010

Helpful Websites

Ok, it's been quite a while since my last post and there is good reason for that. I realised that there was no point in a total newbie trying to explain to other newbies what any of the jargon meant. So I have spent the last month reading, reading, reading, every forum and tutorial page I could find.

So before I crack on with it in upcoming posts, let me point you to the blogs and forums which have helped me the most.

1) The Pioneer Woman -- Ree Drummond has lately taken the blogosphere by storm by being one of the first bloggers to transcend the medium into the really real world. She had a cookery book published last year, has made tons of TV appearances, is now writing a book detailing her journey from city girl to ranch wife (which last week was optioned by Columbia Pictures and rumour has it Reese Witherspoon is on board) as well as winning Weblog of the Year more than once. Her photography page was very inspiring to me and she does explain in layman's terms what a lot of the jargon means.

2) The Photography Forum -- this forum is populated with photographers whose experience ranges from total novice (me) to experts and professionals. There are sections for critique, for shot-sharing, for beginners and professionals alike. The folk there are incredibly friendly and very, very honest in the most helpful way. I have learned a lot from them already, especially when it comes to what gear to buy and use.

3) The Digital Photography School -- this thoroughly AMAZING website has given me so many tips and also really encouraged me to keep on. There is an article about practically any photography topic you can imagine, including an extensive "How to Photograph" section if you have a particular theme in mind and want some tips on how to make it happen.

There is a WEALTH of information on the web and while plenty of folks might tell you to buy a book and read up, I'm not 100% convinced that's necessary.

Ok I will eventually get on to the jargon and terminology in an upcoming post. Happy reading!


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