Thursday, 25 March 2010

Improvements So Far

So I guess it's been about six weeks since I started out and already I have noticed my own improvement. The first time I went out with a specific intention to get some shots, I came back and was happy with the results -- but now I look back at that first shoot and hate every single capture.


Blech! What the hell is going on here? No definitive subject, totally overexposed, generally awful.

Even the shots I'm producing now, which I like a lot more, I believe I will go back again in a few weeks and hate them all as well. But at least I have a little better idea of what makes a good shot; composition, exposure, post-processing, etc.


This shot is much, much better. Well-exposed, great colours, nice composition -- I've had some good feedback on this shot (and quite a few or my more recent ones) which is really encouraging.

The most important thing for a beginner is to shoot, shoot, shoot -- and to get as much feedback as possible. Sites like Flickr are good for amateurs to share their shots but you have to join the right groups and add your shots to the group pools, otherwise nobody will see them. Also community forums like The Photography Forum will always give honest feedback and tips on what you need to do to improve. I recently started a 365 Project, which just means you have to add a shot a day for one whole year to your portfolio. You don't have to limit yourself to one shot overall, of course! There is no central theme, no rules to follow as such, just that you add one shot a day to the project. I personally started this as a means to get myself shooting every single day, and to discipline myself to be a bit more creative.

And of course, you must educate yourself. Learn what your camera settings are, read tutorials and how-to's on shot-taking and post-processing.

Happy snapping. xxx


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